Your Storefront

Web-based website builder

Embrace the cloud with Kong’s web-based website builder. It’s eCommerce made easy.

Your Kong store sits atop a professional, intuitive content management system with features galore – you can make tweaks, changes and updates all from one central place.

Using our full-featured CMS you can add products, product descriptions and pricing with a few simple clicks. We’ll even give you an unlimited number of content pages, giving you plenty of space to write an “About” page telling your customers what you do, or a “Returns” page outlining your shipping and returns policy.

The customisation doesn’t stop there.

A simple drag and drop interface lets you speedily modify your top navigation menus, headers, and footers. Customisable checkout and contact forms let you decide what customer information you want to collect and what kind of customer experience you want to offer.

There’s no software to download, no complicated setup, and no risk of losing your data to a computer crash. Everything’s safe and sound on our servers.

Best of all, you can get access to your store from any computer or device.

All you have to do is sign up, log in, and start doing business.