Store Management

Customer accounts

Build your store’s customer base with customer accounts.

Customer accounts are a great way to create a community of customers loyal to your brand – and to generate repeat sales.

With Kong, signing up as a store customer couldn’t be easier and customers who create an account enjoy the convenience of having their details saved and ready to go for later purchases, along with the ability to view their order history.

As a store owner you can see who’s registered as a customer – giving you opportunities to reach out to your customer base and encourage repeat shopping with personalised offers or discounts.

But because one size doesn’t fit all, Kong’s stores also cater to time-pressed shoppers who don’t have the time to sign up for an account. These customers can easily use our speedy guest checkout option to make a purchase in no time at all.

That said, they’ll probably find the whole experience so user-friendly that the next time around they’ll sign up anyway!

Customer accounts. Just another way we make eCommerce better.