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Shipping rate management

Don’t let shipping costs take a bite out of your sales.

With Kong’s industry leading shipping profiles functionality you can take control of your shipping rates – resulting in a better bottom line and happier customers.

Our software automatically creates a standard shipping profile for you when you open your store, giving you a handy baseline for recommended delivery rates to just about any destination you can imagine.

But though a standard shipping profile is a great place to start, the joy of Kong is in how easy it is to customise your store – in this instance with custom shipping profiles that apply to different types of products.

That’s right: unlike most eCommerce platforms, shipping costs can be applied to individual items, rather than applying across the whole store.

With Kong, your customers won’t have to pay the same shipping for a lead pencil as they would for a huge lump of lead.

And with a few clicks, you can set specific shipping costs and delivery ETAs depending on the size or weight of products, or group together destinations with the same delivery rates.

Another perk is Kong’s one-of-a-kind pre-purchase shipping calculator, which gives customers accurate shipping rates on a given product before they’ve even made a purchase.

Kong’s shipping profiles: your customers will love them just as much as you do.