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Discount codes

Everyone loves a bargain.

Boost sales and encourage customer loyalty with Kong’s flexible discount code functionality.

Free shipping, bulk deals, or special offers on seasonal products – it’s all possible with our powerful discount engine.

We’re all about keeping the clicking to a minimum, which is why our software can automatically generate your discount codes for you – whether it’s a one-off code or a whole batch of different codes.

You can even set your discounts to apply automatically, without the need for a code at all.

Of course, if you’d rather type in your own bespoke codes, that’s fine as well.

There’s also plenty of other handy stuff you can customise to make the most of your discount codes.

If your discount is planned as a limited-time offer, you can set the duration the code’s valid for, as well as a beginning and end date. If it’s for a specific user, you can offer a personalised code.

If it’s a one-off thing, or a use-as-often-as-you-want thing, you can set those limits accordingly. If you have specific conditions you want your customers to meet before the discount applies, you can just pop them into the system.

You can also keep an eye on the success of your code with usage alerts that you can define - handy if a sale suddenly goes viral, or if you’re running low on product.