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Search engine optimised

Get on Google’s good side with Kong’s search engine optimised stores.

Tweaked and finessed by our developers for a good showing in search results, our stores have ahead-of-the-pack findability with the big players like Google and Bing – along with many others too.

We’ve also gone beyond the desktop. Because your customers are just as likely to be browsing from their phone or tablet, we’ve beefed up our mobile-friendliness.

So much so that we’re 100% Google ‘Mobile Ready’ rated.

But our built-in SEO is just the beginning.

Your store is bursting with options for boosting your search engine ranking. Customisable heading tags, title tags, and meta tags are just some of the ways you can shore up your SEO and rank when it comes to search results.

Let your store float to the top of the pile with Kong’s top-notch search engine optimisation.