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Rich snippets

Enrich your search engine and social media game with Kong’s rich snippets.

Rich snippets are those extra pieces of info that appear beneath search engine listings. They take plenty of different guises: star ratings, summaries, images, pricing information and more.

You’ll also spot them when a link is shared via social networks like Twitter or Facebook - they’re a sort of preview snapshot that gives a user a feel for whether a site is what they’re after.

They’re key for setting your site apart from others in the results list, and for getting those all-important clicks.

Because, let’s face it, you’re far more likely to click on a link that’s been turbo-boosted with information like a product’s title and price – and maybe even an image of the product.

That’s why Kong has optimised your theme product pages to include rich snippets metadata.

Now every time you share a link, it’s no longer just a link: it’s a store listing in miniature.