SEO & Marketing


Imagine a world without broken links.

After all, no matter how prettily you dress up a 404 ‘not found’ page, no one wants to see them.

Thanks to Kong’s intuitive redirects functionality, error pages are a thing of the past. With a few button clicks you can ensure that potentially broken links remain unbroken.

Moving over to Kong from another domain? Set things up so that your old site redirects to your new Kong store pages.

If links change during the move, or if your customers end up on your old site, they’ll be speedily sent over to your Kong store rather than finding themselves frowning at a broken link.

Finished a marketing campaign and need to take the page down? Chances are there’ll be pages from external websites linking in to this page.

To avoid visitors from these sites being greeted with a 404 page, you can set up a redirect to send them to your home page – or your new marketing campaign.

Yep, a world without broken links is something that you – and your customers – will love.