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Wouldn’t life be easy if you didn’t have to worry about VAT?

Let us do your VAT calculations for you.

With Kong, your store will automatically calculate the correct VAT amount to apply based on the product type and its shipping destination.

No destination specified? Kong will use the customer’s IP address to figure out the product’s most likely destination and configure the VAT amount accordingly.

If your customer is outside the EU, no VAT will be applied – making your product pricing look even more appealing.

You can even choose whether you want your products to display with VAT included or excluded. If you opt not to display the VAT amount, Kong will simply add the required VAT when your customer goes to check out.

Kong’s VAT calculator makes life easier not just on the customer side of things, but for your accounting as well.

Registered for VAT in multiple countries? You can easily set up additional tax profiles to keep track of your revenue thresholds and ensure that you’re VAT compliant.

Doing your taxes has never been easier.