Product Management

Product variants

Streamline your product listings with Kong’s powerful variant capabilities.

With unlimited variations per product, you’ll never have to try to squeeze variations into a one-size-fits-all listing.

Our built-in variants include popular options like colour, size, and material – but our custom variants option means that you can get as creative as you want with your product variations.

If your variations include flavours, ingredients or patterns, simply create your own custom types. You can even set unique weight options, price options or stock counts for your variants.

To keep things streamlined and intuitive, we’ve set things up so that variants display in an easily navigable table.

Not only that, but your variants will be generated automatically – and they’ll even update in real time as you type. You can even set defaults for your variants so that standards such as prices or dimensions automatically populate, saving you time.

Of course, because you always retain complete control over your store products, you can manually set any details or specifications – or even disable particular variant permutations if there are certain combinations you don’t want to offer.

Streamline your listings with our easy and unlimited product variant functionality.