Product Management

Manage your inventory

Make annual stocktake a thing of the past with Kong’s inventory management.

Your Kong store includes easy-to-use options for managing your inventory, helping you keep track of your products’ availability.

Want to make sure you’ve got enough supply to meet demand? Or to see which of your items are runaway bestsellers? Opt to receive alerts when stock levels for particular items fall below a set threshold.

You can even set your Kong store to display a notice if a particular product is in danger of being sold out, creating a sense of urgency – and encouraging extra sales.

And when the last item for a particular listing has been sold? Thanks to Kong’s inventory management, an “out of stock” sign automatically triggers, along with a freeze on purchasing that item.

You’ll never have to worry about accidentally selling items you don’t have – or about dealing with stock level-related refunds or complaints.

Sure, you can choose to manage your inventory the old-fashioned way, but we think we’re on to a good thing here.