Product Management


Get organised with Kong’s collections functionality.

Thanks to our smart collections capability, you’ll barely even need to lift your mouse finger.

New products ticking certain specification boxes will be automatically added to relevant collections, making it easy for your customers to browse for a certain type of item.

Perhaps you’re adding a series of items of the same brand or style and all over a certain price point. Your store will automatically group these together, creating handy departments within your main stores.

But sometimes you want to curate your own collections. And that’s fine, too.

With our custom collections option you can add any products you like to a collection, and sort them according to how you want them displayed. You can also add a product to multiple collections.

Navigating to a store’s collections is easy as can be. Simply set up your store menu to link directly to your collections pages.

Kong’s collections pages display in an eye-catching, user-friendly gallery format designed to showcase your products in their best light.

And with full control over your collection products, images, page titles and meta-tags, you can ensure they perform just as well for search engines as they do for customers.