About Us

Kong – easyCommerce

We have a vision: to make eCommerce, easyCommerce. Kong is for anyone who wants to sell online and we’ve made it free to use to make this a possibility for everyone. No monthly fees and no additional transaction fees, ever.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the UK’s, and then the World’s, go to tool for creating and growing an eCommerce business and we promise to continue to listen to our users and build the most accessible, innovative, easy to use and powerful eCommerce platform on the Internet, for free.

How can we give you this for free?

There are no restrictions on Kong. Have as many products you like, use as much bandwidth and storage as you need and make use of our incredibly flexible, customisable default theme; all for free.

We make this all possible though by selling more advanced feature power-ups, apps and third party themes for when your eCommerce business grows to need them. When you’re starting out though, Kong has everything you need and is already more powerful and simple to use than many other free and paid platforms.

Better by Design

There are many companies in the eCommerce market that offer, on the face of it, pretty much the same product; with maybe a few standout features. We’re different because we came from a design background. We’ve won awards for beautiful websites and software. We care about design. It’s a part of our DNA.

We’re designing Kong to be the most beautiful, simple and powerful product. From the experience you and your customers have, to the tools we build to make that experience great, you can be sure that we will have meticulously considered every detail and that we’ll continue to do so. After all, there is beauty in the detail.

Here’s to your success!

You can achieve great things and we’re designing Kong with your success at the heart of all of our decisions. If you’re successful so are we. It’s as simple as that.